$50 billion a year, lost to bar shrinkage

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Turning old school bar management on its head


See how Nectar caps the $50 billion loss

This is Nectar

A pourer and stopper that uses ultra-sound to automate inventory & reduce shrinkage

A scientific solution that doesn't alter behavior

Works seamlessly with your current systems with no new infrastructure

Metal spout

Designed and tested by bartenders. Pours at the same rate as traditional pourers

Air-tight seal

Withstands the wear and tear of bar life; guaranteed to be alcohol and wash-proof.

Nectar Board

At the heart of every Nectar cap doing complex signal processing to measure and communicate pours in real-time

Universal Fit

Each cap is designed for perfect seal on every alcohol bottle on the market

No charging required

Before the battery runs out you're automatically sent a new cap

Understand your bar like never before

Nectar shows a complete picture of your bar's theoretical vs actual on a daily basis

Improve inventory & cash utilization

With Nectar never have slow moving bottles & too much inventory

Never do inventory after hours

Nectar tracks the real-time level of every bottle & depletes used bottles from inventory

Never run out of your most important brands

Nectar keeps track of par levels no matter how small or big and other insights around individual brands

Take the ordeal out of ordering

With real-time inventory Nectar always knows what products to order

Get a snapshot of every shot

Nectar's proprietary algorithm matches pours & POS transactions, shining a whole new light on shrinkage and bartender efficiency

How much do you spend managing inventory?

Use the tool below to estimate how inventory management spend impacts shrinkage


Step 2:   Adjust your annual inventory management costs


With Nectar reduce your costs by up to 75%

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“With Nectar, we’ve had a number of insights that would have been impossible to find before, which has dramatically improved our operations.”

Anjan Mitra, owner of DOSA restaurant

“We've been testing the Nectar platform and can't wait to roll it out to all of our locations.”

Navin Chatani, NightLife Entrepreneur

“Nectar identified a problem that had been happening for years which we never would have found without their caps.”

Tessa Nguyen, Restaurateur

“Nectar will become the norm in the hospitality industry offering precious real-time data on bar staff performance and beverage sales discrepancies.”

Karim Masri, Hospitality Entrepreneur